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Apple MacBook


We sell and repair all MacBooks..

We have an extensive range of used MacBook’s in stock ranging from £150 to £650. 

Pop in for a chat or contact us on the phone

We also repair and upgrade all MacBooks, including new LCDs, main board faults, damaged glass, water damage, trackpad, keyboard, power and sound problems. We can repair any MacBook with any problem.

We Also repair using refurbished parts if they are available on some screen replacements as you can get a better price for genuine parts.


I Specialise in fault finding on MacBook motherboards and if possible try to sort out your motherboard for cheaper then replacement

I believe I offer a great service at pricing on repairs and sales

I also offer free quotes if your not happy then no charge we could be cheaper then you expect and offer a fast turn around if parts are in stock

So why not get your MacBook repaired today or give us a call to find out what stock we have and the best local prices

iMac with Catalina

I sell a wide range of iMacs from 21.5 to 27 inch depending on current stock levels

Prices Range from £100-£199 

I also Repair and upgrade iMacs, including hard drive replacements we use SSD an and M.2 cards as these are preferred especially on the older iMacs

Replacement Glass, LCD, Power supply replacements

I sell mostly 2011 to 2015 models as this is what my customers are wanting but i can source newer models at the very best price

All iMacs come with warranty which is included free of charger

Free quotes given on all Repairs

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